Toasted Pumpkin

  Little pumpkins are cute and festive…not to mention cheap and abundant. Here is a fun easy way to use them to warm your home with soft glow and the smell of fresh pumpkin pie! The Players: Small pumpkin  Beer bottle caps Cinnamon Nutmeg The Process:    Use the bottle caps to trace circles ‘randomly’ … More Toasted Pumpkin

My Preblog Life

Think of this post as a ‘portfolio’. Some of these we will be recreating this year closer to Christmas for the blog! Believe Re-purposed Wood Sign A Pair of Christmas Topiaries Christmas Kissing Ball A Monogrammed Christmas Wreath Little Apple Wreath A Rustic Christmas Scented Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Pub Fries

Did you know that all a potato wants is to become a french fry when it grows up? Seriously. This recipe will help you to make all those little spud dreams come true! And once you taste these (and how EASY), you’ll never give money to Ore-Ida for frozen again! The Players: 5 lb. bag of … More Pub Fries

It’s Fall Y’all!

Let’s take a minute to bask in the awe that is Fall… It has been said that down here we really only have three seasons (native Mobilians included)… Mardi Gras Season Hurricane Season Football Season Can’t argue with that. However Fall is very important to us as well… Why? Let’s make another list, shall we… … More It’s Fall Y’all!