It’s Fall Y’all!


Let’s take a minute to bask in the awe that is Fall…

It has been said that down here we really only have three seasons (native Mobilians included)…

  1. Mardi Gras Season
  2. Hurricane Season
  3. Football Season

Can’t argue with that. However Fall is very important to us as well… Why? Let’s make another list, shall we…

  1. We SURVIVED hurricane season.
  2. We SURVIVED the hell-fire and brimstone that is our backyards.
  3. We SURVIVED the mosquitoes, not that we didn’t suffer, but no one we directly know caught malaria this year.
  4. Even though we do not get blessed with a real winter, we get to pretend it’s coming soon.
    1. “Hey y’all, did ya feel that cool breeze come through this morning?”
    2. “Damn, it didn’t rain yesterday…or today.”

So… let’s celebrate another year of football, scarves, grills, and the temporary hibernation of mosquitoes with a beautiful fall wreath.

The Players:

base plus

  1. 18″ Straw Wreath ($5.99 at Hobby Lobby; Sale Price = $2.99)
  2. Floral Pins ($1.99 at Hobby Lobby)
  3. Burlap Ribbon ($6.99 at Hobby Lobby; Sale Price = $3.49
  4. Raffia ($4.99 at Hobby Lobby)
  5. Various and sundry decorative items should you choose to do so
    1. I purchased the pumpkin, squash, and purple hydrangea pick for about $4 (total) at Hobby Lobby and used 3 dried hydrangeas from my garden as well
  6. Band-Aids (your thumb will not be happy from the floral pin-ning)

Leave the plastic wrap on the wreath. This will help to hold the pins in place. Open your raffia pack. Conveniently, it will open to a long bundle of stands. There will be a twist of raffia on one end holding them together. Leave the twisty and work from the other end.

line of raffia

raffia in 2 raffia in 4

Push the raffia into halves and then halves again. This will help you to handle the strands.

Next, wrap the strands around your hand, making loops, and cut.

roll 1roll 2raffia 3

(Feel free to make varying sizes of loops pic 1 is my grab, pic 2 is my roll over, pic 3 is another style used later in the wreath)

Using a floral pin through the middle of the raffia loops, pin to the form alternating between vertical and horizontal pins.

pin in raffia pin to wreath

Keep pinning until the entire (front) wreath is covered. There isn’t any need to cover the sides of the wreath, the shag cut will handle that.

all pinned

Before we move on to the next step, I’ll wait for you to go grab that item #6. The item on the players bill that you rolled your eyes at..thinking “Yeah right NeauxLa, I’m tougher than a floral pin!”

Okay, big girl panties on? Stubborn like me and said screw the band-aid? Alright moving right along, warned you are!

Look at your wreath and give it a snip snip. Shag it up by cutting all of the loops in your pins. You may notice that some the groupings have too much raffia in them. If they do, don’t sweat it, just lift the pin, pull some out, and pin it somewhere else. At this point of the wreath-making you are going to notice spots that you think need a little extra attention.

Now…this is important…


You got a mess, girl! Hopefully you are lucky, and have a hubby like mine that will just walk by your mess, roll his eyes (maybe he will remind you of the nice studio he put together for you in the garage, if you’ve already pushed your luck on something else that morning) and keep walking. Train them well, Honey! Don’t throw it away! You’ll need it in a minute.

Time for some Burlap…

Look at your wreath, it has a natural bottom, don’t fight it. Pinch the end of the burlap ribbon and stick a floral pin through it. Pin it to the bottom (or where ever you are going to want your bow).

burlap start pin at bottom

Now loop and pin that sucker. You will see a natural pattern in the openings for the loops. Pinch and pin….Pinch and pin…Pinch and pin….Pinch and pin….

loop and pinkeep looping

Eventually, God willing, you will make it back around to the initial pin. Pin that final loop on top of the first/last one, and cut a tail.

bow start

Take the remainder of the ribbon, and pin it (in the middle of it’s length) to the form between those last two loops. You could try tying a bow here, but it’s easier to pin the bow’s loops. Burlap is thick, and will not tie as tight of a bow as you are going to want. Simply pin a loop from the right and left.

loop and pin bow tassle

Remember that twist that held the raffia together? Isn’t it cute and curly? Pin it to the middle of the bow! Picture on the right shows how I pinned it so that the top bow loop will flop over the pin.

Next arrange and pin your decorative items. Once you have added them like you want, take that mess you saved and randomly pin raffia where you think it looks best. A couple of sprigs to help blend in the burlap, a few poking out of your decorations, maybe on some uneven spots on the side. It will make a world of difference.

Now hang that beauty, stick out your chest, pop a top, and be proud!

door frontuse 1 use 2 use 3 use 4


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