Fall Subway Art- Free Printable

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Good morning fellow Nesters!

Here we are into the second week of September. Hard to believe! If you have been following the blog, then you will know how special Fall is on the Gulf Coast. (Link to the previous post: It’s Fall Y’all!)

One of the best things about decorating your house for Fall is that you can start in September…slowly build it up, and by Thanksgiving your house will be decked out! Try and focus on creating reusable decor so that each September you won’t have to start over. This piece is designed to take you from September 1st straight on through Thanksgiving.

I promised you a free printable…and you’ll get it, BUT I’m going you make you read through my post first. Ha! We are kinda on the honor system here…you could just mosey on down to the bottom, grab it, and leave. But I’m going to tell myself you’re still here and keep on with the post. 😉


The Players:

  • Subway Art printed to regular paper
  • pencils
  • canvas
  • paint markers (other means of permanent color)
  • adult beverage optional

First I would like to say that I am no stranger to subway art, but I wanted this piece to look more like painted doodle art. A cross between real world subway art, my spiral notebook from Chemistry class (sorry Coach Wright … I learned nothing), and my canvas paintings: Amanda’s Arbor.

I’m sorry that I did not get pics on the transfer process, but it is very simple.

  1.  Shade the back of your print out completely with a pencil
  2. Place your print out pencil shaded side down, and using the pencil, trace the outline of your print out
  3. This will press the pencil shading down to the surface.
    1. In essence, all you are doing is making your own graphite (carbon copy) paper.

To keep from smudging, and to make it easier to see, I then traced over the pencil lines with a Sharpie pen. This is the stage at which the above picture was taken.

Now you are ready for the “fun” part…coloring!

Call me behind the times, but this was my first experience with paint markers (yep). In my naivety, I believed I would be able to mix colors together to make new colors….not so much. Soon, my hands were aching (term paper flashbacks) and I was bored with the pack of colors I had. So I started using all my sketch markers to shade and doodle in as I pleased. It actually enhanced the look I was going for and added a sense of textual variation.

tired 1

As you can see from above, adult beverage gave way to cold caffeine in a hurry!

lineOnce all the wording was filled in, it was time to pull out the brushes and paint my decorative elements

line 2

Overall I’m very pleased with my finished piece!



Fall Subway by Neaux La Nest (pdf file)

A little note about sizing…

My canvas measures 36″ x 12″. A perfect Subway size.

The printable is set to 8.5″ x 11″

  •  I shifted the pages a little to the left and right balance out the extra inch on the width.
  • Feel free to piece the transfer together however you wish!

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