Tissue Paper Dried Hydrangeas 

I know that tissue paper flowers/poms are not new to the crafting world but they deserve a spot in your crafting arsenal. Depending on the cuts you make on the edges (these are rounded) and the colors of paper you use, they take on the context of their surroundings. For Lily’s room, I used pink and white to make cherry blossom garland where as here they are hydrangeas!

Did you know that brown is not a popular tissue paper color? My artist mind will not accept that. But in my search for brown tissue paper I found the PERFECT hydrangea paper… Tan with white “heart” polka dots.

Step 1

  • Lay out 4 sheets of tissue paper.
  • Cut the paper across the middle and then into strips approximately 4 inches wide. Don’t make it harder than it has to be. Following the folds in the paper is sufficient. In fact a variation in size will make them appear more natural. 


Step 2

  • Make “accordion” folds with the short end facing you. Remember the paper fans you made in school as a child??? Do that!

Step 3

  • Cut the edges to “round” them. Feel free to experiment.  Triangles, fringes, possibilities are endless. 

Step 4

  • Cut small triangles into the center edges to hold the string.

Step 5

  • Tie string. Tie a string long enough to be able to tie the finished flower. 


Step 6

  • Begin opening each end.
  • Carefully separate the four layers of tissue paper one side at a time.

Step 7

  • Fluff and enjoy


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