Fall Garland and Mantel

Well here we are at the end of September. Still hot as hell most days in NOLA but holding out hope. Today I want to share with you how to piece together a fall garland.

Let me say that this post will mostly consist of how I tied string (which I’m assuming you already know how to do). The most consuming aspect are the tissue paper dried hydrangeas. Tissue Paper Dried Hydrangeas

There are a few pieces to the mantle that I will be sharing. Mostly these pictures, I hope, will give some ideas of how you can throw together some quick versatile pieces together from what you already have on hand.

The players

  • Scented pine cones (Wally World)
  • Fall fabric leaves (2 packs of 50; Dollar Tree)
  • Cotton twine (Dollar Tree)
  • Tissue paper for hydrangeas (Wally World)

The how to:

  1. Measure out the length of string needed. Account for droop from the weight of the cones
  2. Poke a whole into the tops of the fabric leaves and string on half of them (50)
  3. Hang your string (I used push pins on the under side of the mantle)
  4. Push/slide 25 leaves to either side.
  5. Tying strings first around the pine cones, tie the cones to the hanging string.

Work from the center. This ensures an even look. Tie on the paper hydrangeas on either sides of the cones and slide leaves down as you please. This step really is subjective. The key is to whatever you do on the left, do on the right. Other than that, I did not use a pattern so to speak. I would simply step back and judge what I wanted ‘to see next.’

Once the length is full, simply string the remainder of the leaves to an additional piece of string. Lay that string on top, wrapping as needed, for extra color and filling affect.

Now onto the additions. 

Note to self…it’s hard to take good pics in front of a mirror. At least doll yourself up first, Amanda!

Monogram Frame

The frame, I already had. I simply purchased a wooden “M” from Wally World, painted it a burnt red color, and then painted white polka dots. I then affixed the “M” to the frame backing with hot glue. This $2 piece will easily transition through the holiday season and could even become a permanent piece on my mantle.

Ceramic Pumpkins

I love these little guys! Found at the Dollar Tree!  My Momma was a ceramic genius had her own kiln, did 14k gold inlay….man one day I will follow in those steps but for now these will happily do.

I luckily had some extra paper hydrangeas to place sporadically around mantle pieces and frames.

Give Thanks Sign

This is a sign I made last year using repurposed wood, Cricut vinyl stencils, and  Apple Barrel acrylic paint. The back of the sign reads “O Holy Night” so that it can be turned around after Thanksgiving! 🙂

I’m so pleased with how my mantle ended up and how wonderful the house smells from the scented prince cones!

P.S. From the angle of the floor (to keep my crafty reflection out of the picture) you can see the back of the sign. You cannot see it from other angles. 


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