Stuffed French Bread 

Down here in NeauxLa you serve two breads with your dinner. French or Corn bread. Sure we will throw in a croissant or something of the like every now again when we are feeling fancy (or guilty for too much of the other stuff, and your jeans were a little tight that morning) but here is what I consider a carnival twist on the classic. 

So, Amanda, what’s a carnival twist you might be asking. I shall digress to explain. Sometimes you need festival food. The kind of food that will soak up whatever liquid is in your tummy, feed the masses (adults and children alike), and feel like an entire meal in your hand. 

Enter like a hero in the drinker night… Stuffed French Bread. 

The players:

  1. Refrigerated French bread dough (2 rolls used here. One roll makes 2)
  2. 1 pound deli meat (1 pound makes 4)
  3. Blue Plate mayonnaise (technically you could use other brands of mayo….if you’re a tourist)
  4. 8 ounce block of cheese (1 whole block makes 4)


  1. Pop the can of dough stretch and flatten until you  long flat piece. I found working on the greased baking sheet easiest. 
  2. Keep in mind that one can makes two.   Slice the dough into two equal pieces. 
  3. Spread mayo over the up-facing side of bread. The mayo oils the bread, keeping the center the same crispy out-fluffy in texture throughout the roll. 
  4. Slice the cheese thinly. Layer each half with one quarter of the cheese block. 
  5. Layer the ham (two layers) on top of cheese. Folding the ham in half, I alternated the folded side of the ham.
  6. Now roll ’em up! 


Give them a little squeeze to make sure they are all nice and tight. Working on the greased baking sheet will keep the dough from becoming sticky. 

Didn’t my Ashton take great blog shots??? 😊

Bake according to the directions on the cans. 375 for 40-50 minutes until bread is golden and cooked through!


Slice and enjoy!!!!




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